Proposition 12 in California is an unnecessary overreach given how milk-fed veal is raised today. The American Veal Association  believes consumers deserve food that is produced in an ethical manner that aligns with their values and expectations.

Family farmers and businesses that produce milk-fed veal are committed to meeting their customers’ expectations for the responsible and humane care of animals raised for food. The American Veal Association's Statement of Principles states, “We have an ethical obligation to provide appropriate care for our calves at every stage of life.”

The most significant demonstration of this commitment was in 2017 when AVA member farms achieved a goal set in 2007 to completely transition to raising all calves in group housing. The change also includes the elimination of tethers. AVA estimates more than $150 million was invested in new buildings and renovations over the past 10 years. These new facilities enable the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, which are the international standard for assessing expression of normal behavior in animals, to be practiced.

AVA members are fully committed to providing consumers with safe, nutritious meat that comes from animals humanely raised.

Unnecessary regulations based on misleading and out-of-date information will not improve animal welfare or food choices for consumers. We encourage California voters to vote NO on Proposition 12.

Download the entire statement here:  (pdf)