The American Veal Association has changed the way milk-fed veal is raised today.
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AVA represents family businesses who are passionate about producing delicious, quality meat from milk-fed veal.  In 2018, we are proud to report that we have accomplished a goal made in 2007 to move completely to group housing for milk-fed veal over a ten-year period. AVA member companies dedicated themselves to researching the best facilities to provide optimal care for milk-fed veal and the financial resources to make it happen. Read more about the transition.

From farm to fork, we are committed to providing the best care for the calves, ensuring safety in our plants, and producing the highest quality products. Ready to get cooking? Discover recipes for today's veal at Veal Made Easy.



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The changes that have occurred in the veal industry are significant. With new barns and other building renovations, all milk-fed veal calves today on AVA member farms are comfortably housed in group pens.  We achieved this goal we set for the industry in 2007.


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AVA member companies independently work with veterinarians, USDA and others to assess our practices and confirm that what we say we are doing – is being done.  We promote best practices at all company-owned and contract farms to ensure that U.S. veal products are of the highest quality and that calves raised for food are cared for in a way that promotes their well-being.

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committed to quality

Our responsibility to food safety, beginning on farms and continuing through our processing facilities, is serious business based on a simple concept:  do what’s right at all times to produce a product we feel confident to feed our own families.  For quick and healthy veal recipes for your family, visit Veal Made Easy.