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Welcome AVA Members and Allied Industry…

America’s veal farmers know they have an obligation to provide for the well-being of our animals because it’s the right thing to do. Typical veal farms in the U.S. are small, family farms operated with the values that have guided farmers for generations—quality animal care and responsible farm management.

In 2007, veal farmers made a commitment to transition all farms to group housing by 2017 and today many of your farming neighbors have done just that. Regardless of the housing system, we know that veal calves deserve quality care every day and are committed to ensuring that we produce safe and wholesome food for your family—and ours!

The American Veal Association (AVA), founded in 1984, represents approximately 1,000 veal family farmers, suppliers and affiliated industry. America’s veal producers are committed to providing for the care and well-being of their animals while producing safe, healthy and easy to prepare veal. AVA members work together to promote the veal industry through media, industry, consumer and policy outreach.

Our Vision

  • Be the communications source for veal issues that impact the public and our members’ interest
  • Be a unifying voice for the veal industry to address public perceptions
  • Be engaged on policy issues affecting veal industry
  • Be action oriented in finding workable solutions to build public trust in veal

Our Governance

The AVA is governed by an eight member Board of Directors (BOD) and supported through voluntary membership fees and sponsorship. The BOD, along with producer delegates from the states, sets AVA policy. The BOD is selected from delegates elected by individual states. Two recently developed committees, Public Policy and Fund Development, are helping to guide AVA programs. In addition, AVA works closely with the Joint Veal Issues Management/Veal Quality Assurance Committee [Link to].

Benefits of AVA Membership

  • The AVA provides members with timely and relevant information regarding key public policy issues
  • The AVA monitors and responds to key public policy initiatives to protect the veal industry freedom to operate
  • The AVA engages the media and corrects misinformation about today’s industry to promote a positive image of veal
  • The AVA provides networking and educational opportunities for members
  • The AVA represents you at national meetings and key industry events

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