Having strong, healthy animals is a priority. Veal farmers carefully watch each calf to make sure it is not showing any clinical symptoms of anemia, like weakness or loss of appetite. Iron is a very important nutrient for veal calves. They need it for normal growth and development, so at no time in the production of veal are calves anemic. There is a minimum requirement that calves need, and nutritionists and farmers make sure that the requirement is met. Veal calves are fed twice a day and receive a milk formula that is rich in nutrients. They also receive a completely plant-based grain mix and have access to water. Veal calves typically get a feeding of electrolytes daily, especially the young calves. It helps to keep them hydrated. You can think of electrolytes as being like a Gatorade. It provides a little bit of extra energy boost for those young calves. 

 Dr. Sonia Arnold is a nutritionist for veal calves. Listen to this video as she explains what veal calves are fed each day.