The American Veal Association has changed the way milk-fed veal is raised today.
Come visit our farms and meet AVA members through this new video --
American Veal Today

 How are veal calves raised today?  Where are they raised?  What do veal calves eat?  Are veal calves anemic, tethered and raised in crates?  The American Veal Association’s new video answers these questions and many more about milk-fed veal.  The video features AVA members and farmers including veterinarian, Dr. Marissa Hake, and nutritionist, Dr. Sonia Arnold, who provide specific details about the health and nutrition of raising milk-fed veal today.

 The video provides a look inside modern veal barns where calves are raised in group pens, not crates and never tethered. Calves can stand, stretch, lie down, turn around, groom naturally and have contact with others calves in comfortable, clean environments. These new facilities enable the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, which are the international standard for assessing expression of normal behavior in animals, to be practiced.

AVA President, Dale Bakke, talks about sustainability in the video and the interrelationship veal has with both the dairy and beef industries. Milk-fed veal is raised in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

 The AVA invites you to learn more about raising milk-fed veal through this new video,  American Veal Today