Proposed Rule: Requirements for the Disposition of Non-Ambulatory Disabled Veal Calves, Docket No. FSIS–2014–0020, RIN 0583-AD54, 80 Fed. Reg. 27269 (May 13, 2015)

The AVA supports the current regulation which allows calves that are tired and cold a period of time to rest upon arrival at the slaughter plant. Similar to other young animals, veal calves need to rest frequently. They are also very sensitive to heat and cold, and are subject to transit fatigue. Formula-fed veal is typically shipped from climate controlled barns, unlike large bovines that are often coming from outdoor feed yards.  Veal calves have not been conditioned to the weather extremes that older bovines have, making them more susceptible to exposure during transport. The thermo-neutral zone for young calves is much narrower than for older bovines. However, veal calves typically have a quick recovery when given an opportunity to rest and be rehydrated.  The same is true for pigs.

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