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Veal Can Be the Green Meat to Eat


Tonight, for the first time in his tenure as chef at Gather in Yarmouth, Colin Kelly will serve veal. He’s put a veal roulade, seasoned with roasted garlic and herbs, on his New Year’s Eve menu. Until now, Kelly has avoided serving the tender, sweet protein because of the veal industry’s reputation for animal cruelty. But as the calendar rolls over into 2018, Kelly is buying what a growing number of Maine farmers are selling: the notion that veal can be raised humanely and sustainably

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Veal Farmers Adopt More Humane Methods

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HISEVILLE, KY. — The 600 calves raised by Leland Glass in the south-central part of this state spend their days in pastures with trees for shade and ponds for wading. They nurse lazily alongside their mothers.

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