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TDF Honest Farming Features Veal Farming

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Click image to watch video.

Click image to watch video.

Veterinarian Marissa Hake was a guest on a Facebook Live event that shared an inside look at veal farming. The event was hosted on TDF Honest Farming, a page by Tillamook Dairy Farmer Derrick Josi that provides an authentic portrayal of modern farming practices.

Dr. Hake provides care to about 30,000 veal calves in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. The first video was at a starter veal barn that housed young calves.

In the next video, she visited a farm that was home to older calves who would be going to market in a few weeks. The tour included an explanation of the group pens, the barn flooring, ventilation and feed.

The videos generated numerous comments. Many people were surprised by what they saw and pleased to learn about veal farming.

Click image to watch video.

Click image to watch video.

“This was very interesting to me. I cannot believe how clean the calves are and look very happy.”

“Have to say I still thought veal calves were raised in tlghtless barns chained in tight narrow stalls. I am so glad to see the practice has changed to a much more humane style.”

Dr. Hake created a follow-up video to answer a question several people had asked about why veal calves are kept inside.

 Another video presented facts about veal.